Who Do We Work With?

Most of our clients are educational entities and training organisations however we are open to working with any business that has an interest in the international education industry.

To give you an idea of our potentials

Organisation Type: Pre-Schools, Schools, Language Schools, Boarding Schools, Business Schools, Independent Schools, FE Colleges, Universities, Sports Academies, Degree Awarding Bodies, Education Institutions Governing Bodies, EdTech Companies, Skills Development Companies, Training Providers, Education Consultancies


All range of roles across various working capacities including part-time, full-time, contractual, temporary and permanent roles.

Types of Roles

Primary School Teacher, Secondary School Teacher, SEN Teacher, Visiting Lecturers, Visiting Professors, Sports Coaches, PE Teachers, Skills Development Trainers, Business Development, Academic & Curriculum Management, Principal, CEO, Managing Director, Education Consultant, Faculty Development Trainer, Research Support Scholar, International Students Recruitment Manager, Sales & Marketing Professional


UK, India, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia & the UAE

Our Clients